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Big Size Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Temperature Stability Sep 28, 2017

big size self adhesive bitumen waterproof roll Temperature stability

Large size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof roll has many advantages, including water resistance, temperature stability, flexibility, atmospheric stability, etc. Today, large-size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof roll manufacturers for everyone to introduce a large size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof roll The waterproof performance.

1. Large-size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof roll under the action of water and water infiltration after its performance is basically the same, under the action of pressure water is impermeable.

2. Large-size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof roll at high temperature does not flow, no blistering, no sliding, low temperature does not brittle performance.

3. Large-size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof core of the mechanical strength, extensibility and resistance to fracture, large size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof roll can withstand a certain load, stress or deformation under certain conditions without breaking performance.

4. Large size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof roll strong flexibility to low temperature conditions can still maintain a good flexibility, easy construction, not brittle crack.

5. Large-size self-adhesive asphalt waterproofing in the sun, heat, ozone and other chemical erosion medium and other factors under the long-term comprehensive effect can still maintain a high resistance to erosion.

The above is a large size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof roll manufacturer for everyone to introduce the large-size self-adhesive asphalt waterproofing waterproof performance, more details can click to view our website to learn more.

According to the waterproof material properties, waterproof materials are mainly divided into waterproof membrane, polyurethane waterproof material, new polymer cement-based waterproof material of these three categories, then these waterproof materials can be applied to which areas? The following cross-film self-adhesive waterproofing membrane manufacturer to introduce you.

1, waterproof membrane waterproof material is mainly used for construction, such as roof, external walls, basement, etc., such as cross-membrane self-adhesive waterproofing membrane;

2, polyurethane waterproof material waterproofing membrane containing volatile gas, the construction requirements of strict, and expensive;

3, the new polymer cement-based waterproof material from the organic polymer liquid material and inorganic powder compound, the integration of high elasticity of organic materials and inorganic materials, good durability, after coating the formation of high strength and tough waterproof coating, which A new type of material can be a perfect combination with the cement-based surface, end without delamination, is a common choice of home waterproof material.