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Substrate for Water proof Roofing Materials

  • Self Adhesive Roofing Flashing Tape

    Self Adhesive Roofing Flashing TapeDetailed introduction: Self Adhesive roofing flashing tapes is a bituminous self-adhesive waterproofing tape protected by a metal film in aluminum or HDPE film, natural or coloured, non reinforcement or reinforced with a polyester film. The compound adhesive membrane is protected by a silicone...

  • 100% Fiberglass Mat For Reinforing Roofing Membrane

    100% Fiberglass Mat For Reinforing Roofing Membrane100% fiberglass mat for reinforcing roofing membrane is combined by 100% glass fiber by strong adhesive with high-temperature drying to get the finished roll. Fiberglass Mats has high tensile strength, especially in vertical direction (machine direction), it is meanly used to be used as the base...

  • Bitumen Roofing Membrane Unit

    Bitumen Roofing Membrane UnitSBS APP Bitumen roofing membrane unit Capacity: FLOW CHART of Bitumen roofing membrane unit: Raw Materials As The Reference: WELCOME YOUR VISITING ANYTIME

  • PVC Roofing Membrane For Waterproofing

    PVC Roofing Membrane For WaterproofingHigh polymer PVC roofing membrane for waterproofing PVC roofing membrane is an excellent high-quality polymer waterproof sheet, made of PVC resin by adding plasticizer, anti-UV agent, anti-aging agent, and stabilizer and other processing aids through extrusion and molding. As the...

  • Asphalt Roofing Felt Machine

    Asphalt Roofing Felt MachineFeatures of Asphalt roofing felt machine: BRIEF CONFIGURATION of Asphalt roofing felt machine: Finished products of Asphalt roofing felt machine:

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Roofing Membrane

    Self Adhesive Bitumen Roofing Membrane1.Specifications for Self adhesive bitumen roofing membrane 2.Application of Self adhesive bitumen roofing membrane: Used for waterproof works on the basement, roof and ground of industrial and civil architecture, especially for subway, tunnel and waterproof project constructed in rainy season....

  • Bituminous Roofing Membranes

    Bituminous Roofing MembranesSBS APP bitumen roofing membranes : Advantage of SBS APP bitumen roofing membranes: 1) High Impermeability, high tensile strength, high extension coefficient good dimensional stability, adopting shocking well to substratum contraction deformation and crack. 2) puncture resistance, tear...