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Peel and Stick Adhesive without Torch Applied Self Adhesive Asphalt Waterproof Membrane

Self-adhesive bitumen waterproof membrane Self-adhesive bitumen waterproof membrane are produced with modified bitumen as raw Materials, using polyethylene film, aluminum foil ......coated on the upward or no film (both side self-adhesive) while isolating film on the downward surface. It has a...


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Self-adhesive bitumen waterproof membrane

Self-adhesive bitumen waterproof membrane are produced with modified bitumen as raw Materials, using polyethylene film, aluminum foil ......coated on the upward or no film (both side self-adhesive) while isolating film on the downward surface. It has a widely prospect as new construction waterproof materials. Good self-adhesion, no leaking, cold flexibility, especially in self-adhesion in self-adhesion that is unique product in waterproof and application. 


Type: Type N (without reinforcement), Type PY (with polyester reinforcement), and Type NK (with fiberglass reinforcement)

Length: 10M, 20M can be customized.  Width: 1M (can be cut into small piece)


——Type N: 1.0mm,1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm

——Type PY: 1.5mm,2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm

——Type NK: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm  


Do not apply to very cold frosted surfaces. Trim the materials to the required length/shape allowing an overlap of at least 25 cm where the material is to be joined. On stepped flashing begin at the lowest level and work upwards. Warming the tape using gentle indirect heat will help the adhesion and make the tape more workable in cold temperatures. Ensure that there are no air pockets. Apply even pressure over the entire surface using a non-abrasive tool e.g. cloth or hand roller. Take care not to stretch or puncture the foil during application.

Product features:

1) Excellent bonding property: excellent to bond with construction surfaces  

2) High tensile strength, wide temperature resistance range, puncture resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, impermeable property and permanent deformation resistance.

3) Good rubber elasticity and elongation, and available for wet ground ,reduce the construction period and the cost.

4) Good ductility against the basic level deformation or crack.

5) Long life span, good weather ability, adapting to climate change in hot or cold areas. The construction can be carried out even at -15℃ if special measure is taken.

6) Cold construction: without torching or bonding agent, avoiding the instability of glue and the fire hazards of hot melting method. Energy conservation, environmental friendly, low carbon and economy.

7) Super-strong basic level self-waterproof property: it can keep the integraty of the membrane by limiting the leakage caused by damage into the local scale.

8) Good self-coalescence ability: automatic healing small puncture damage or packing smaller base crack. The self-adhesive seam is the same as the membrane self in term of life span.

Technical standard :


Technical standard


Testing result


Top surface material

PE、HDPE film、Aluminum foil、Double side self adhesive



Thickness (mm)
1.0mm ----- 2.0mm




Tension strength,
N/50mm speed:250mm/min




Elongation ,%




Cold flexibility

-15℃,No crack



Heat resistance




Water tightness

0.2MPa,120min, water tightness


Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Show:




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